Cisco Cius

Cisco Cius

It seems to me that Cisco want to compete with Apple on the touch screen devices market. The Cisco Cius product confirm this.

OK, skipping the funny part of this story, honestly I believe that Cisco is making efforts to take the (still) open part of the tablet devices market that is not so developed in this moment, and by this I mean the touch screen devices for professional use.

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Cisco’s UCS: A closer look

Cisco is claiming its new Unified Computing architecture will save IT departments 20% cheaper on their hardware costs and 30% on IT running costs, compared with traditional systems.Launched on Monday, March 16, the Unified Computing System unites computing, network, storage access, and visualization resources in a single energy efficient system, the company said. This puts it into direct competition with IBM, HP and other hardware vendors for the first time.

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